NIN is a major requirement for the Federal Government Grants and Loans Scheme

Presidential Palliative Programmes
Transforming businesses, improving lives.

Revolutionizing Financial Support

Introducing The Presidential Palliative Programmes - A Game-Changer in Economic Empowerment.

The Target Sectors for the Scheme

Below are the businesses that are eligible to apply for the scheme

Traders image


These include single retail marketers, corner shop owners, petty traders, market men and women in open markets

Food Services image

Food Services

These include food and vegetable Vendors

ICT image


These include business centre operators, battery chargers, recharge card vendors, call centre agents

Transportation image


These include wheelbarrow pushers, independent dispatch riders

Creatives image


These include makeup artists, fashion designers, drycleaners.

Artisans image


These include vulcanizers, shoemakers, painters, repairers.


The Federal Government will collaborate with the State Governments, Honourable Ministers, NASME (Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises), Senators, and House of Representative Members, who will use the Federal Government’s selection criteria below to shortlist the beneficiaries from their constituents.

The target beneficiaries are 70% women and youth, 10% people with disabilities, and 5% senior citizens, while the remaining 15% is distributed to other demographics.


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Eligible applications which meet the selection criteria will be shortlisted.